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Looking to schedule a massage that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and revitalized? Look no further than Peak Performance Massage and Recovery. Our easy-to-use online scheduling system makes booking your massage appointment a breeze. Choose from our wide range of therapeutic and recovery massages, including sports massage, deep tissue massage, and prenatal massage. Take control of your wellness journey and secure your spot for the best massage experience in Leesburg. Schedule your massage at Peak Performance Massage and Recovery today!

At Peak Performance Massage and Recovery, we prioritize your convenience and strive to make scheduling your massage as effortless as possible. With our online booking platform, you can check our availability, select your preferred date and time, and reserve your massage in just a few clicks. Our team of skilled therapists is ready to provide you with a personalized session that addresses your specific needs and goals. Don't wait any longer to experience the benefits of professional massage therapy. Visit our website and schedule your massage appointment with Peak Performance Massage and Recovery now!

Cupping Therapy Technique
shoulder blade massage
Neck pressure point massage
pregnant massage


Sports massage therapy is a systematic manipulation of the body's soft tissue, targeting the muscles of the relevant sport.


Deep tissue massage therapy is a technique mainly used to treat strains, musculoskeletal issues and sports injuries.
Slow deep strokes with sustained pressure that accurately target deep layers of muscle and tissue.


Therapeutic massage combines different modalities in a massage to help relieve pain, reduce stress and work on a specific problem area (ex: Frozen Shoulder Syndrome).


Prenatal massage therapy involves special care to enhance the function of muscles and joints, improving circulation and general body tone, and relieve mental and physical fatigue.

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