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Donnie Shim Massage Therapist

Donnie has been a Licensed Massage Therapist since graduating from the National Massage Therapy Institute in 2006. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, Donnie has worked as a certified X-Ray technician and a chiropractic assistant. He has the knowledge and background to create customized medical or therapeutic massage regimens for clients suffering from acute or chronic medical conditions. 


He is extremely popular and well-known for providing the best sports massages for athletes and non-athletes, having won several awards for “Massage Therapist of The Year” and “Favorite Massage Therapist” in the Northern Virginia area. Most recently, PPMR, won best massage place in Leesburg by the Loudoun Times for their annual "Best of Loudoun." Donnie has expert knowledge of the human anatomy and musculoskeletal system allowing for very targeted and effective massage therapies.


Donnie specializes in various types of massage and carries numerous professional certifications including deep tissue, trigger point, neuromuscular, active release therapy (ART), passive/active stretching, ISTYM Graston, and cupping

Charlotte, a focused sports massage therapist, has worked with athletes across the board from UFC, BJJ, marathon runners, golfers, and bodybuilders. Before becoming a massage therapist, Charlotte attended Radford University, earning her degree in Exercise Science with a concentration in sports medicine. Additionally, she worked as a chiropractic assistant while attending the Palmer West College of Chiropractic and as a physical therapist at the Virginia Spine Center.

Outside of work, Charlotte loves playing sports and making sure her clients are ready and able to be active, injury-free athletes. Her customized approach incorporates a fluid combination of deep tissue, active and passive movement, trigger point therapy, Swedish, prenatal, and other modalities. She uses a variety of these approaches to ensure every client's needs are met.

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Jenya Policelli came to America 17 years ago and after working as a pastry chef for more than 20 years  she decided to pursue her passion as a massage therapist. In 2018 she attended and graduated from American Massage and Bodywork Institute (AMBI) as well as received a certification in lymphatic drainage in 2023. She has always loved massages, believing massage therapy can help people on a deeper level than some might think. 


Jenya uses firm pressure and loves to incorporate cupping or graston tools in her massage.  Swedish massage, sport massage, pregnancy massage are common modalities she uses the most. You can expect an in depth conversation with Jenya before any therapy session to discuss the areas requiring attention. Jenya is certified for Myofascial Cupping, IASTM, kinesiology taping by FMT

“Our body is such a complex structure where  everything is connected. Small, overworked, and overused muscles put the whole body in an imbalance and I like to find that spot.” - Jenya Policelli


I have been a licensed massage therapist since 2009 after graduating from the Northern Virginia Therapeutic Massage School in Falls Church, Virginia. My interest in massage therapy started after attending a free massage class where a guest therapist spoke to students about what massage therapy was and the benefits that came from it. Soon after I enrolled and completed my training.

As an experienced therapist with more nearly 15 years of experience, I strive to serve the best interest of my clients at all times. My goal is to provide the best quality bodywork and service possible through various techniques and modalities to treat clients dealing with chronic pain, fibromyalgia, broken bones, and other health issues.


I enjoy working with runners, swimmers, tennis players, and other athletes to help repair and recover from strenuous activities, keeping them in tip top shape. My skills focus on Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, and Swedish/Relaxation. Delivering compassionate quality care to my clients is my top priority. 


Choosing a career in massage therapy six years ago was fueled by a deep passion for healing and a sincere desire to contribute to others' optimal health. My expertise lies in Swedish, Deep Tissue, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release. I firmly believe in the transformative power of touch to heal and rejuvenate the body. My commitment is unwavering — to provide every client with a professional and therapeutic experience that goes beyond expectations.

Outside the massage room, I enjoy spending quality time with friends and family and taking hikes with my pups. I'm also a bit of a food enthusiast, always eager to try new and exciting dishes at different restaurants. I look forward to bringing my knowledge and passion to Peak Performance Massage and Recovery, where I am excited to be part of a team dedicated to the wellbeing of our clients. 

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